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Professional Partners:

Data Medics - Data recovery for Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), Solid State Drives (SSDs), and more at reasonable rates.

Great websites for the professional or amateur "tech geek": - From those just "dipping your toe into the pond" of solving issues with your computer yourself all the way up through advice for seasoned professionals, you'll find it here. forums - Another site that has material for everyone from the beginner who needs tutorials up through the professional. - The name pretty much says it all.  If you’re at all the “let me see if I can figure this out first myself” type, bleepingcomputer forums are a great place to turn for information and help.  They also feature some good tutorials on a wide range of topics. - Another excellent web resource for help with a very wide array of computer-related issues.  Their forums are also an excellent place to look for help on virtually any computer-related topic. - This site and its forums are exclusively geared more toward the IT professional.  An interesting site for chatting with and getting/giving help with those who "know the ropes."

Staunton's fabulous local galleries & other art spaces, places, & people:

R.R. Smith Center for History and Art - Home of the Staunton Augusta Art Center, Historic Staunton Foundation, & Augusta County Historical Society.  Excellent gallery space & art shows.

Co-Art Gallery - Largest co-op gallery in the Shenandoah Valley featuring over 40 member artists.  Also houses the Beverley Street Studio School Gallery. - website of Kyle Leister, an incredibly gifted contemporary artist in precious metals and stones.  She makes stunning, one-of-a-kind works and accepts commissions. - website of Karis Swink Barry, one of the talented potters we featured at wysiwyg gallery.  Her work is genuinely unique and lovingly executed.  If you love animals, wild or domestic, her work is worth seeing and having as your own. - website of Janly Jaggard, another artist who was in the wysiwyg gallery fold.  She works in three distinct media:  earth (clay), oil (painting), & fire (vitreous enamels).

Staunton's friendly downtown businesses:

Meditation in Motion Massage - Looking for a great massage therapist who can make you feel like a new person?   Contact Gerry Stowers and you've found one!

Schmid’s Printery - Need something printed?   Call Brenda at Schmid’s and she’ll fix you right up!

How you can reach me:
          e-mail:     phone/text:  (540) 324-5032

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